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Thinking of Buying a Columbia?

What You Need to Know

From time to time, Columbia's come up for sale on Ebay, in swap meets, at garage sales, and more. If you are considering purchasing a Columbia from a private party, here's what you need to know...

Disassemble It First!

The Columbia Two Speed Rear Axle is only as good as the internal components. The "internal gears" are the heart of the unit. Anyone thinking of buying a Columbia MUST disassemble the unit and check out the internal components to make sure they have not "blown apart" BEFORE you buy. Anyone selling a Columbia should have no problem allowing disassembly to check out the parts. I routinely disassemble units in swap meet parking lots to check them out before I buy. (Units break if not maintained properly or if not operated properly. If maintained properly, they are AWESOME.) If the internal parts are broken, obviously the unit isn't worth much. Some broken pieces can be replaced, and some can be repaired. This will cost you, so you need to figure that expense into your purchase. Be sure to examine the following components before your purchase (see pictures this page):
  • A-17 Assembly (assembly where the pinion gears are located)
  • A-24 Differential Case & Internal Gear Assembly
  • A-32 Assembly (synchro clutch assembly)
columbia-parts-pic.jpg - Image inserted from database
From left to right: Badly damaged A-17 "basket" with pinion gears and shafts ruined; an example of a badly cracked A-24; and the A-32 Synchro Clutch, which needs to be rebuilt in any case.
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